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90 responses to “Suggestions”

  1. xc says :

    1. gif and APNG support.
    2. Make every feature optionable (for example, my waifu doesn’t sleep, so I’d like to be able to disable sleep feature)

  2. Yellow says :

    Make a husbando version, or add it in the options somewhere.

    Also, donation button. I’ll gladly give my money to the maker of this glorious app.

  3. Mr T says :

    1) timed events
    2) when you move mouse after an afk period (and no video has been watched) you get a “welcome back annon kun” sorta event

    basically triggers, triggers everywhere.
    and tickboxes.

  4. anonymous says :

    Optional – characters asking for attention when too long on idle.

  5. Fraggot says :

    Buttons for sets:
    Goodnight, Goodmorning, etc
    Stuff that wouldn’t fit with a random cycle

  6. Richard Stallman says :

    Please consider releasing this under the GNU General Public License, along with changing the name to the GNU/waifuapp, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, GNU Plus waifuapp.

    You see, waifuapp is not a waifu system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning fanbase system made useful by the GNU animators, character designs and vital japanese components comprising a full anime character as defined by Japan.

    Many computer users watch a modified version of the anime system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU/anime which is widely used today is often called fansubs, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the anime system, developed by the GNU Project.

    There really is a waifuapp, and these people will be using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. waifuapp is the portal: the program in the system that manufactures and sustains a connection to the 2D world. The portal is an essential part of an waifu system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete system. Waifuapp is normally used in combination with the GNU anime system: the whole system is basically GNU with waifuapp added, or GNU/waifuapp. All the so-called waifuapp distributions are really distributions of GNU/waifuapp.

  7. Anon says :

    Slightly alterable text. Some generic changes like tsundere, shy, etc. Some specific changes if wanted.

  8. Yellow says :

    Also – anniversary events, and holidays too (maybe?)

  9. Yes says :

    Slightly more on the technical aspect, but here goes.

    Not sure if you thought about it yet, but building all but the primary features as plugins to the program may increase the extensibility and the ease with which new features can be added to the program at a later time. This may also allow users to pick which features they wish to enable, possibly through xml or an editor of a configuration file.

    Such a system could also make bug fixing easier, as most bugs (if any) would probably exist within one of your plugins. Patching a plugin would take considerably less time than patching the entire program.

    But that’s just my two cents. Good luck.

  10. Carp says :

    There should be an option to eat together with your waifu.
    i.e. you somehow activate that option, a special sound is played (like your waifu saying itadakimasu) and you see a random picture of her eating something.

  11. /a/non says :

    We’re going to have eating too – right?
    Oh please, I need an eating scenario.

  12. John says :

    The ability to love you.

  13. Anon says :

    Make it detect when you use [media player], and if you haven’t used it in X amount of time, your waifu asks you why you haven’t been watching your chinese cartoons. Maybe you can’t pull yourself away from /a/ to watch animu, but what if your waifu reminds you?

  14. Gentoo says :

    -Support for different aspect ratio images
    -Optional integration with your media player (winamp and foobar2k)
    -Recognize holidays (Christmas, your birthday, her birthday, etc.) and act accordingly

  15. Anon says :

    Make it detect some to-do list, so she will complain when you don’t do your to-do list.

  16. Hadawaifufor13yearsasofAugust2011 says :

    I am horribly inept at computer programing. I wish for the interface to be usable for a simple fool such as myself, a simple love-sick fool such as myself.

  17. Anon says :

    Make the sleep time changeable, some people have nocturnal waifus

  18. anonymouse says :

    Different versions for different archetypes. (Tsundere, Kuudere, Meganeko, heck even a Yandere)

    Different (and hopefully customizable) responses to whatever you are doing to your PC (like if you play music, she will put headphones. If playing animu, say something about the animu you’re watching. Opening your fap folder will make her either furious or blush heavily and try to stop you etc)

  19. Yet another guy says :

    Pretty simple, so this may already be in the works, but here I go. The ability to add a large selection of sayings per event. So every time she wakes up, she randomly picks one of a number of variants on “good morning.” It’d be best if we could customize those tables ourselves, so that it fits our waifus character.

  20. anononon says :

    Who’s working on this right now? What sort of talent do you need to make this happen?

  21. anon says :

    Great project. How can I contribute?

  22. Yellow says :

    How about a sick mode? So that when you are sick, you can set it so that your waifu will scold you to get back into bed and rest if you’re on the computer too long or something. Just a thought.

  23. Mukyuuing says :

    Add mukyuu for mukyuus.

  24. MRx says :

    Transparent background support. And drop the window border thing. Just popup the the image. And fade it out. Looks a lot crispier

  25. Fraggot says :

    Moonrunes support would be appreciated

    • Anon Ymous says :

      This. It could be used as a learning tool at the same time with Unicode support.

      One day, I will be able to watch raws… one day…

  26. Gentoo says :

    For people with waifus with no voice actress, some sort of text option would be greatly appreciated, maybe coupled with an alert sound or something.

  27. ;_; says :

    I’m sure a number of people (me included, of course) with waifus lacking in vocal availability will appreciate the option to have custom text messages pop up somehow as an alternative to sounds being played.
    It’s a simple idea that you probably already thought of, but this suggestion is more of a just in case.

  28. Repeat says :

    Make her repeat the morning procedure until someone reply with an “Ohayo!”

  29. anon says :

    The ability to assign and display subtitles for different audio tracks. Simple stuff is usually fine, but for more complicated responses it’s a must.

  30. K says :

    Actually release something.

  31. sudowastaken says :

    Standardised .waifu file for settings, audio, and images.

    I do not want to see another application pop up with an entirely different folder system. Waifus should be easy to use, and easy to port to other waifu software.

  32. abc says :

    make it so that she can ask questions like “how was your day?” for example, you could chose between some options and she would react in a specific way,
    maybe this even effect her entire mood, for example make her angry for the rest of the day.

  33. Qza says :

    Are you going to update “Safe Waifu Packs” to your blog, creating a database for every waifu on the planet? Because that would be awesome.

  34. anonymoose says :

    troll the fuck out of everyone

  35. ranchan says :

    An Economical suggestion.

    Think object orientated; you could easily incorperate most of these suggestions with a simple manner of creating a user interface system that creates a mark up file set to allow the program to react to certain stimuli and dates. Events such as pressing a button, opening a program, and other onactions could be made accessible to the user, to then tell the program what to do in response, allowing any user to tailor the waifuapp to suit their needs, without having to bust your back adding every little thing they want.

  36. Gentoo says :

    -Not in Adobe Air
    -‘Always on top’ button

  37. gozu says :

    The ability to set different backgrounds to display at certain times would be great. Same thing with regular images so that there could be a lunch image, dinner image, etc. set to display at the times you want them until a specified time you want them to end.

    Also, backgrounds working at all would be really nice…

  38. Plnr says :

    Resizing the picture would be nice.

  39. anon says :

    The ability to match sound files with pictures. It’s weird if your waifu puts an angry face while laughing.

  40. uguu says :

    embed super deepthroat into it

  41. Anonymous says :

    Maybe someone could make a booru, or pre-made collections of pictures for common/popular characters?

  42. Anonymous says :

    Dynamic window resizing would be really useful. Even when I resize my pictures, it still looks bad if they are different aspect ratios when the window size doesn’t change.

  43. Anonymous says :

    Make the suffixes changeable. -kun, -chan, -sama etc.
    And as suggested before, different text answers based on which personality? (tsundere, loud, shy etc) oh, please add Yandere. I like ’em crazy.

  44. Anonymouse says :

    A section of the blog with a collection of various waifu files for the lazy bastards.

  45. Anonymous says :

    -Able to edit all things your waifu says
    -Husbandu options, or at least non gender bias
    -Audio files NOT necessary, text option instead
    -Option to float window on top of all open windows at all times

  46. Anon says :

    Alarm continues until Stop/Snooze is hit

  47. Anonymous says :

    To match text with picture and audio.

  48. derp says :

    Add a “minimize to system tray” option.

  49. Anonymous says :

    You are a beautiful person.

  50. Herp says :

    Add a comma in the “why don’y you play with me” sentence.

    “Why aren’t you playing with me [NAME],don’t you love me?” -> “Why aren’t you playing with me [NAME], don’t you love me?”

  51. noengrish says :

    automatic updates

  52. violet says :

    Make her say something every time you restore window. It feels kinda lonely the way it’s now.

  53. herp says :

    Pics changing automatically.

  54. anon says :

    Make maiwaifu a shell like explorer.exe. You can let your waifu launch your browser/music/applications. Also, it would be nice to have an OSD waifu, so you can talk to here while browsing /a/ etc.

  55. Ryuutsun says :

    Make it usable as a standalone SWF file. For… people whose phones can use SWF files as wallpapers.

  56. Seb says :

    Be able to make the window smaller than 500×300 for those of us with not very big monitors.

  57. anonymous says :

    Would it be possible to make the window auto-adjust to the size of the image it is currently displaying?

  58. Anonymous says :

    A small option to set it to “music mode” would be cool. Import a few waifu-related songs so she can listen to them with you, or in the case of some lucky anons, could sing for you.

  59. Qza says :

    Here’s a suggestion, to make it more of a “playable” app, more than a clock with your waifu in the background.

    I’m talking about the “Attention Meter”.

    Every time you are not AFK (moving your mouse), and not playing/talking/doing anything with your waifu, her Attention Meter will drop down. When getting low, she will start to yell for your attention. After running out, your waifu will leave you, ending your “game”.

    Filling the Attention meter will give you Interest (or simply – exp). More Interest means more Attention you have to gain, but it also unlocks different games you can play with your waifu, to keep her Attention Meter high, and also more conversation options. And, well, she’ll love you more.

    Forever alone mode off. Please consier this, I don’t think it’s hard to do, and adding Attention+Interest+~3 games will make it somehow playable, while also being a good base for plugins.

    PS. I’m listening to some weird music while writing this, so my English might be a little off.

  60. Anonymous says :

    Goodbye messages.
    You click on quit, your waifu/husbando says something like “Goodbye anon” or “…Are you going already?” (or even editable messages, maybe?) for some seconds and then the MaiWaifu closes.

  61. Sebestian says :

    Text suggestions:
    Change font, size and color for both the text and the clock.
    when message pops up it types itself out like a VN would rather than fading in/out. (of course, this would be optional.)

  62. Anon says :

    A snooze and stop button for the morning audio so it functions as an actual alarm clock

  63. Some guy says :

    Click, Idle, and Sleeping audios

  64. Anonymous says :

    What we seriously need right now is chat or forum. Preferably anonymous of course.
    Mods are not too happy about our threads and make all sorts of trouble.

  65. Anonymous says :

    A way for the user to change the frequency of how often the messages pop up. Also, the longer you leave your waifu alone, the more idle messages appear.

  66. Anonymous says :

    Conversation trees.
    So you can make it as if your waifu was responding to your replies.

  67. Alexander says :

    tamagotchi version

  68. Anonymous says :

    This is were I personally would like to see this project go.

    I’d like to see Kami continue to do the ‘major’ updates, like he has been doing, and eventualy the ‘MaiWiafu’ become almost like a customizable dating sim.

    What I’d also like to see is when this project goes open source, is for the people with the programing know how to go through and make their own personal mods to the program, with functions like ‘Sleep Support’, and ‘To-Do list reminder’, etc.

    This way Kami can focus more on the major parts of the program, and the rest of us can simply add the user made features that we want. This probably be the most effective use of everyones time, and I personally feel that if it goes like that, then this will become one of the greatest things ever to come out of the internet.

  69. Anonymous says :

    It would be nice if this app didn’t just have a still image, like it would play certain gifs when idle, in the morning, and at night and such.

  70. Anonymous says :

    Support for Japanese characters.
    Associating certain images with certain messages and sounds.

  71. Anonymous says :

    Alternating backgrounds that change according to the time of day. For example the user could associate a background for the morning, daytime, sunset, and evening hours.

  72. Anonymous says :

    Since we’re going to see youtube support, how about RSS feeds?

    Like she’ll pop up telling you there’s an update to the site you add, of course as a customizable message.

  73. Anonymous says :

    [For “Robotic” or “Cyborg” type waifus like Yuki Nagato etc.]
    Could you make a feature where your waifu monitors your PC’s health, memory usage, links update, CPU workload and stuff. Basically another Task Manager, but your waifu does the job.

    A reminder of your daily tasks if you want to remember something. A “scheduler” in other words.

    A “dating day” feature (like what they have on LovePlus) where you will ask your waifu for on a date for a specific day. (a day off from school or work) and go on a date (she will get mad all day if you missed it though). Thee user can choose (or the waifu can insist a location) a location from a map, then a map will either have a minigame (for example, a carnival) or just plain old VN styled scenario (if a park was chosen for example). You can give a gift to your waifu (and better if they keep and remember that specific gift) at any point of the date.

  74. Anonymous says :

    How about assigning pictures to certain emotions, that way, she won’t say something happy and look depressed at the same time.

  75. Anonymous says :

    Moar waifu voice pack

  76. cheap motorbike delivery says :

    I’d forever want to be update on new posts on this web site , bookmarked ! .

  77. Anonymous says :

    Japanese character support would be nice.

  78. double-b says :

    Just an idea for a neat feature in the future. How about being able to select from ‘outfits’? That being, the user, can select multiple folders containing pictures of their waifu, with each one having their waifu in a different outfit. There would then be an option when interacting with their waifu to get them to change their outfit. It could even work on a time-based system, so at certian times, they would wear different outfits. Or even seasonal – for example if the waifu is a school girl, then during summer they would wear their summer uniform, and during winter their winter uniform etc.
    Obviously it would be up to the user to have pictures of their waifu in different clothing, but I think this would make an interesting feature to be integrated.

    Keep up the great work!

  79. Anonymous says :

    Being able to assign pictures to a particular custom message!

  80. Anonymous says :

    I think I’d actually really like some kind of calendar/time-based thing. Like you could set something to happen every Friday, holidays, etc. I think that’d be cool. “Trigger-happy” MrT towards the top had the right idea.

    Thanks for this, by the way. Not much I can give other than that.

  81. Anonymous says :

    You seem to know what you’re doing, Kami. More seasonal effects and custom bgm support!

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