Resource Sharing

Some want to share and get some files, use this page for now until/if we get a better place to upload them.

Comment and post resources you want to contribute, I’ll add them to this post.



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38 responses to “Resource Sharing”

  1. /a/non says :


    I was going to share mine, but that description made me think again. Not going to share my waifu…

  2. Mukyuu says :

    Does someone have a better Patchouli pack ? ;_;
    Mine sucks, sorry Lady Patchouli ;_;

  3. Gayblade the Ass Slayer says :


  4. someanon says :

    i’ll just leave this here

  5. Steve Stephenson says :

    I’m currently going through all the episodes of Yuru Yuri and getting audio for all main characters but the Student Council President. I’ll upload one big archive with everything filed by character when I’m done. They will be incredibly raw, so I might release a second set with an attempt at background noise reduction (I have the technology, I just haven’t tried it before).

  6. Anonymous says :

    Requesting Miyako from Hidamari Sketch

    Too little time to do a lot of it myself ;_;

  7. Miyako says :

    Requesting Hidamari Sketch pack

  8. Anonymous says :

    Requesting Katsuragi Keima pack, or at least a good site to make it on my own.

  9. Anon says :

    Requesting Homura Akemi pack ;_;

  10. Dieter says :

    Link from one of the threads, contains Kuroko Pics and Sounds

  11. Anon says :

    Requesting a Yui Hirasawa Pack if you would be able to

  12. Anonymous says : Taiga Pics, 31 or so, working on another pack of 30

  13. Anon says :

    Requesting a Stocking Sound Pack.

  14. damnlazyfaggots says :

    requesting you rip them yourself and share, not pestering others to do your work.

  15. Anonymous says :

    Requesting a Princess Tutu pack.

  16. Anonymous says :

    A Kaiji audio pack would be great.

  17. Anonymous says :

    Requesting Fluttershy?

  18. Alexander says :

    requesting kurisutina voice pack

  19. Mukyuu says :

    Requesting Seiyuu for Patchouli Knowledge
    I’m not lazy i just don’t have time, i can’t even fap.

  20. Anon says :

    anyhone having a nagato yuki soundpack? currently trying to extract sound and pictures from a psp visual novel but doesnt really work like i want it to

  21. Anonymous says :

    Here’s a rar that has some pictures and audio of Nagi.

  22. Anonymous says :

    Here’s my Mifune Ryuuko pack. It’s about 130 images, mostly screenshots from the anime. A few may be duplicates.

  23. Anonymous says :

    This is a Madoka Magica image folder. Mostly Mami.

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