Current version – 0.13

I’m reading all the suggestion from the suggestions page and adding them as I go.

Current features:

  • Load an images folder to play randomly when you click (JPEG and PNG formats currently)
  • Loading an audio folder to play randomly when you click (MP3 and WAV formats currently)
  • Loading a background image to use behind the image (useful for those who use png images)
  • Set your name and the name of your waifu/husbando/etc
  • Change the window size
  • Stretch the image and/or background
  • Options for image stretching: maintain ratio, center, fill the window
  • Alarm with audio, pictures and messages
  • Custom messages
  • Change the picture automatically after a certain time
  • The window now says “your waifu’s name here” instead of “maiWaifu – your waifu’s name here”
  • Minimum window size reduce to 200×200 for people that had small screens

What’s coming in v0.2:

  • Transparent/borderless window option
  • An easy to use editor for custom messages
  • Be able to set custom events (events that happen on a certain time/date)
  • Choose a folder for different sleeping images and backgrounds
  • Linking pictures and sounds (according to her mood you could have it do waifu_happy.jpg and waifu_happy.mp3)
  • Features similar to a Visual Novel to interact with your waifu/husbando
  • More interaction features
  • XML file for waifu/husbando settings
  • Away status
  • Goodbye messages when you close the app.

12 responses to “Features”

  1. someanon says :

    >Dem features
    Our kami is an awesome kami

  2. Oh. says :

    Sounds awesome. Patiently waiting for the new features.

  3. Wat is Love says :

    Thank you based Kami.

  4. simwaifu says :

    > VN style interaction

    Sounds cool. Keep going, Kami.

  5. to_aru_Oni says :

    Keep it up, Kami! Thanks for all the hard work.

  6. double-b says :

    Looking forward to the next release.
    Thanks for all you’re doing.

  7. Anonymous says :

    Oh my god, I don’t know if my body will be ready.

  8. Anonymous says :

    I wonder how the VN-style stuff will work. Different subfolders for the different choices, each containing the text file for the interaction? Or something…

    • Anonymous says :

      It’s probably the reason why it’s taking so long for 0.2 to be released, regardless I’m sure it will be good.

  9. Anonymous says :

    I can’t wait for this!

  10. Anonymous says :

    Is it going to be possible to load an XML file? Can people share their glorious creations?

  11. Anonymous says :

    We’re all still waiting kami, but you can take your time

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