What the hell is this
It started with a post on /a/ about some guy making an android app where you tap and it shows a random picture of your waifu and plays a random sound and suddenly everyone wanted it. I have no idea why it got so much interest considering its simple nature.

There were a bunch of other anons making their own for computers, I got interested in the idea so I started my own too.

Another anon also started and released his own: simwaifu.wordpress.com

What is this made in
maiWaifu  is made using Adobe AIR, its cross platform so it should work on Windows, Linux and OSX.

How to install the app
Download Adobe AIR for your OS  first for it to work.
Then download the latest version (or whichever version you want) and run it.

>Using AIR
Aw shit nigga what are you doing
I went with AIR for this mostly because its cross platform and its features allow for a lot of possibilities.
If it ends up sucking or not many OSX/Linux users use it, I’ll drop AIR and switch to another language.
I wanted to try this out in the early stages to see if its a viable platform.

Open Source
Due to popular demand, this project will become open source at v0.5
I say v0.5 because right now, it has almost no features.
I have many ideas in mind and I want to keep working on it more on it before releasing it into the wild.

How much does it cost
Its free, and any future versions (that I make anyway) will also be free.

Screw your shit I’m making my own
By all means do so, this wasn’t even my idea to begin with, I’m just having fun making something people wanted to use.

maiWaifu FAQ General

Supported image formats: JPEG and PNG
Supported audio formats: MP3 and WAV

Does it work with husbandos/etc too?
Even though its called maiWaifu, you can use anything.
If you have a picture and audio, it works.

18 responses to “FAQ”

  1. someanon says :

    I’ll be posting a reply here.

  2. anonymous says :

    Can this work with Vocaloids?

  3.   says :

    I’ll be trolling the above replies here.

  4. Anon says :

    >pic related
    >no pic

  5. someanon says :

    Finally a pic!

  6. kjasd says :

    >Good night, Nina

    It hurts!

  7. Anon says :

    >>anonymous says : September 13, 2011 at 11:07 pm
    >Can this work with Vocaloids?


  8. to_aru_Oni says :

    Hell yes!

    It’s a bit of a struggle, but I’m moving along. Keep it up, Kami!

  9. generic /a/non 12,033 says :

    I’m having issues loading the .wfu file. I had no issue creating one, however when I go to load it nothing happens. Any suggestions?

  10. Anonymous says :

    Does it work on Android? Also, if it doesn’t will it be available for Android in the future?

  11. Weslea says :

    What’s the best way to share a waifu set up? Sending a .wfu doesn’t work, since not everyone has the same file paths.

  12. hirafitri says :

    maybe we should consider using pastebin for uploading text files, since sometimes mediafire bans certain IP from downloading

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