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Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas/Christmas eve!

Here it is, its really not much but I hope you have fun with it for a bit at least.



Preferably,  make a new waifu file with holiday themed pictures.

You can still use your old one(s) though.

**** Great news ****

Looks like I’ll be refactoring most of the codes soon they’re becoming a pain to work with.

Sooo that means source code may be available earlier than 0.5 after all since most of the features I had in mind are in v0.2.
Sorry this wasn’t much, I’ll make a post about 0.2 soon.
Now if you’ll excuse me, back to being alone ;_;


Sup guys!
Hope you’re doing well and thanks for those who are are still following this project. (are there even any left?)
I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news:

By the looks of it, v0.2 won’t be finished for a while yet, I don’t have as much time to debug and everything.

Good news

I’ll be releasing something special¬† for Christmas!
v0.2 will be ready by end January at latest.
Hope you can still wait it out a bit more.

Happy holidays!