Its still going to be a while,  I haven’t had much time for this project lately.





I was hoping to be done by this month but it looks like that won’t be possible.
There’s a fair amount of features I’m adding so its taking time.

Fortunately this project is still alive so no worries on that end at least!



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32 responses to “Updates”

  1. anonymous says :

    Glad to hear from you, man. Keep us posted on any relevant progress.

  2. Anonymous says :

    No worries Kami, take your time. We don’t want another repeat of 0.1 do we?

  3. /a/non says :

    our kami is a great kami

  4. Anon says :

    I love you.

  5. Anonymous says :

    No problem, i’m glad that you have inform us.

  6. someanon says :

    Thank you again Kami

  7. Anonymous says :

    your the best, kami-sama

  8. Oh. says :

    Just patiently waiting here. Take your time.

  9. asdafasd says :

    I-It’s not like I want your stupid w-waifu sim or anything… BAKA!

  10. Anonymous says :

    You are so awesome! Just wanted to tell you!

  11. Some asshole says :

    Watching warmly! I’ll wait forever, Kami.

  12. YOOOOO says :

    I know real life tends to get in the way, but keep at it anon.
    There are still a lot of us patiently waiting on this.
    Would love to have a new update.

  13. K says :

    Take as much time as you need.
    It’s much better to take time on it than have another….0.1….

    Good luck.

  14. Anonymous says :
  15. I know you’re still working hard on 0.2, but how about posting a teaser during Thanksgiving break? Just a preview that shows off the features.
  • Anon says :

    Are we still going strong, or did you give up?

  • Anon says :

    At least give us an update on how you’re doing before November ends.

  • bro says :

    >implying I’m not going to check this site daily until you release the new version

  • Anonymous says :


  • someanon says :


  • Anonymous says :

    I really don’t want to be a hassling dickhead, but I beg of you to throw us a bone (a minimal update or something) before xmas devours yours and everyone else’s life for the rest of 2011…

    If you like xmas, it will make it more special; if you don’t, then it’ll make it more bearable. It would benefit both sides of the “war on xmas”!

  • Anonymous says :

    So… whatever happened to that progress update?

  • double-b says :

    The project is still alive everybody. Kami posted on /a/ today saying he’s still working on the next update.

  • Anonymous says :

    Glad to hear that you’re still alive, Kami. Keep up the good work.

  • bro says :

    I will never stop checking this site. Not till .2, at least!

  • Anonymous says :

    Try to get it out before a Christmas, Kami. Maybe like a gift to all us ronery fags, you know?

  • El Pedocabra says :

    I can’t wait until the next update comes, keep up the great work. Also, I’ve noticed something with the alarm, my waifu’s don’t play their alarm all the way while my husbando does play the whole song through. Is there a certain limit you have for the sound to play for or is it just the file?

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