Updates and pictures

Just a small update, its been a while since my last post .

V0.2 is still in the works, although pretty slow this time because lolreallife.
Don’t know when it will be released yet, but hopefully sometime this month.

More importantly have some pictures (transparent window!)

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9 responses to “Updates and pictures”

  1. Anonymous says :

    yay! thanks for keeping on updating! I like!

  2. Anon says :

    Lifelike texture

  3. Anonymous says :

    Finally, a status update. Keep up the good work Kami.

  4. /a/non says :

    >dat second picture

  5. kawaiiimouto says :

    All of my hnnngh.

  6. anonymous says :

    Nuoh my god…!

    Looking forward to it, Kami.

  7. someanon says :

    My fucking heart…

  8. sometaters says :

    Those screens…… they hurt so much…..

  9. anon says :

    I almost thought it was going to become many of /a/’s unfinished projects.
    Glad to see you aren’t dead.

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