Custom Messages tutorial


When the event occurs, it displays a random message from the ones you wrote.


  • Greet – when you load the file
  • Click – every time you click
  • Idle – when you stop interacting for 10 seconds
  • Sleeping – when you click and she/he is sleeping
  • GoodMorning – when he/she wakes up
  • GoodNight – when he/she goes to sleep


  • [NAME] – writing this in a message will replace it with the name you choose in your .wfu file
  • [WAIFU NAME] – writing this in a message will replace it with the waifu/husbando name you choose in your .wfu file
Example:    Hi [NAME], my name is [WAIFU NAME].

How to add messages

Open your XML file in a text editor (like Notepad) and add this inside one of the event tags.

<Message>your message here</Message>

How to use the XML

Open the editor, check the “custom messages” box and browse for the file.





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9 responses to “Custom Messages tutorial”

  1. fag says :

    My body is ready for 0.13.

  2. Anon says :


  3. Captain Crutches says :

    Maybe I’m just dumb, but where in the file system do we put the xml file (relative to either the exe or our wfu file)?

  4. anonn says :

    How does one keep the file as an .xml, every time i save the template it saves as a txt with no choice.

    • Anonymous says :

      Download the template, right click and click edit. It will be a .txt.
      Insert the messages, then click ‘save’ (NOT save as). It will still be in .xml form.

  5. Anonymous says :

    No matter what I do, it never works for me with the custom messages. I am sure it’s just me being stupid on my part but, is there a character limit for the messages or something?

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