v0.12 Release

Downloads (works with OSX,Windows and Linux)

Post your bugs here

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22 responses to “v0.12 Release”

  1. Herp says :

    Forgot to update version number in title bar.

  2. Captain Crutches says :

    Would you mind posting a change log with each new version, even if it’s just behind-the-scenes optimizing? I’m always curious about that kind of thing.

  3. Anon Ymous says :

    >Not Mediafire

    Seriously, Mediafire is much better than anything on Multi-upload..

  4. Anonymous says :

    there’s a bug creating wfu files. Happens on MacOS, so you probably have no way of reproducing this, but it would be interesting to see if it happens on Linux systems with a similar directory system as well.

    I attempted to save a wfu file in my home directory, at /Users/anon/waifu.wfu
    For some reason it then creates several new folders, named like the specified file path and places the actual wfu file in these.
    In the end the actual file lies in /Users/anon/waifu.wfu/file//Users/anon/waifu.wfu
    Note that the first “waifu.wfu” is a folder named that, which has another folder named “file/” in it, with another folder named “Users” in it and so on.
    Can be fixed by simply moving the actual wfu file and deleting the new folders, but I wonder why it does that.

    tl;dr unix file path fucks up somehow

    • maiwaifuapp says :

      That is a pretty damn odd bug, I’ll see if there’s any info on that.

      • Anonymous says :

        I have a similar problem with my mac, macbookpro mac osx 10.6.7

        when saving the .wfu, it creates a folder, but nothing exists inside. I tried by importing from PC and editing the .wfu file by replacing the C:/etc/etc with the directory from my mac, but it doesnt even load the .wfu anymore after doing so.

  5. Oh. says :

    There’s a weird bug, I downloaded the Wakamoto pack but it’s missing the “AAAAAMEEENN” and “OH LORD COME”.

    I really don’t know what to do, I already assumed fetal possition and hope this can be fixed soon.

  6. Whaaat says :

    That faggot dog…

  7. Anonymous says :

    Using a Mac here. Unfortunately, while all else works, the good morning and goodnight audio doesn’t work, and the editor doesn’t/can’t load existing waifu files which gets tedious having to remake it again every time I need to edit.

  8. Anonymous says :

    While all else works, the good morning and night audio doesn’t work, and the editor won’t/can’t load existing waifu files, which gets tedious having to remake it if it needs to be edited.
    Using a Mac OSX btw.

  9. Anonymous says :

    >Adobe AIR
    are you shjtting my cock

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