v0.12 Fixing bugs adding a few things

So almost everyone had problems !
Fuck yeah half ass coding.

Good news is it works on all operating systems, so I’m sticking with AIR for now.


Currently fixing:

-sleep timer not working

-background images not showing up


-The message box  text field doesn’t stretch badly

Added features:

-When you open the editor, it now loads your waifu file (if you created one already) so you don’t need to redo all the steps.

-Option for always on top

-Option to stretch the image to the screen

v0.1 common fix:

If you save the file and nothing happens, disable the sleep timer and it should work.

mai waifu app for droid

Looks like another anon is making his own droid app.

About maiwaifuapp

Go spend time with your waifu/husbando maiwaifuapp.wordpress.com

6 responses to “v0.12 Fixing bugs adding a few things”

  1. someanon says :

    So…link where?

  2. Mukyuu says :

    Me and my waifu love you Kami.
    I know some anons are just bitching about errything, but it’s your app bro do whatever you like.
    Also thanks, it’s not working very well now but it happens, i hope this gets better and blah blah stuff.
    Thanks anyways bro.

  3. purupurin says :

    fuck dat shit nigga, wheres the droid app?

  4. Anonymous says :

    >not hipster

  5. Captain Crutches says :

    Ah, I left a comment on the release post asking for a change log before I found this one 😛

    Thanks bro, you’re amazing.

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