v0.1 Release

Finally, f irst public alpha, maiWaifu v0.1.
Keep in mind its not much, this started 2 days ago and the whole idea was pretty simple to begin with.



The app is made using Adobe AIR, its basically just a Flash .swf with a wrapper to make it act like a desktop app.
This should work on OSX, Linux and Windows. 
To install, first download the AIR Runtime for your OS if you don’t have it already, and then install maiWaifu.

Download Adobe Air
Download maiWaifu v0.1
Download a  voice pack (found it linked in one of the threads and it has a bunch of voice clips)

How to use the editor

The editor still has a some bugs, but it works, a few things have been changed since the first picture that was posted.

1) If you use the wake up and sleep, don’t leave a field empty, it will give you the error box.

2)For the width and height: minimum is 500×300

3)Background: this is optional, if you have transparent pictures of your waifu/husbando, you’ll find it useful

4) For the time, follow the format that’s already in the box.

5) Once you filled everything, and pressed Fuken Save, this creates the .wfu file
this file is used to load all the things you put in the editor, you can move it anywhere on your computer

6)If you need to make changes to the .wfu file, open up the editor and repeat the steps and overwrite the old file, I know this sucks but this is temporary, future versions will have better support for this


About maiwaifuapp

Go spend time with your waifu/husbando maiwaifuapp.wordpress.com

32 responses to “v0.1 Release”



  2. someanon says :

    Thanks Kami!

  3. anon says :

    Took more than 30 minutes. Grateful for this though, THANKS FUCKING GOD YES

  4. anon says :


  5. anon says :


  6. Hadawaifufor13yearsasofAugust2011 says :

    Time for a test drive.

  7. Onii says :


  8. Zapf says :

    very nice

  9. anon says :


  10. madthad0890 says :

    Thank man
    It’s gonna feel good to wake up to mai waifu’s face tomorrow morning. Might even cook us some breakfast.

  11. anonymous says :

    this is a troll,, is it

  12. Anon says :

    Thank you based Kami

  13. Blind Weasel says :

    working perfectly… will get a Taokaka and Arakune packs as soon as I’m free to do so (probably until next week)…

    Later an Etna when I find the audio files to work on…

  14. 7 says :

    That was a good kick off Kami, ganbatte ne!

  15. dat imouto says :

    Here’s a delicious sample from the voice pack http://chirb.it/K59dd5

  16. to_aru_Oni says :

    You are truly a god.

    Though, I’ve made the .wfu file but it won’t load…

  17. Helvetica Standart bro says :

    Dude that is so awesome

  18. xD says :

    whats the point of the pictures if they are not resized to the main window size, fuck it im not gonna resize a whole load of pictures just for this lol, i will just keep using my waifu voices for windows task and shit xD

  19. Lurker says :

    >Adobe Air

    I wanted this, but doing it in Adobe Air killed it. Thanks for putting the effort into making it, but Air just killed it for me.

    • Yea says :

      Why is that? Does it matter in what language / with what tool it is made?

      And to the OP, thanks a lot!

      • Lurker says :

        Personally, I find that Air programs just don’t run as fast as an equivalent program written in languages like C/C++, C#, or even Python. I just find from my experience that Air programs run slow on my computer, the experience is as comparable as Java in my opinion.

        Still, like I said in my first reply, I’m glad the guy put in the effort to make this, but Air just killed it for me. Nothing against him personally, but the language/tool’s limitations in terms of performance is what really kills it.

        • maiwaifuapp says :

          I’m mostly prototyping the app with AIR, and of course AIR won’t be as fast as programs in those languages.

          But considering the app doesn’t do much that requires performance, I think its fine for now.

  20. doshio says :

    I am sorry to ask this, but can anyone tell me how to use Adobe Air? I’ve used the installer but then, there is nothing like a shortcut or any installation folder anywhere. So, how can I use Adobe Air or the maiWaifu Application?

    I am sorry, but somehow I feel retarded for not being able to figure this out.

    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit btw.

  21. Anonymous says :

    Fucking WOW.
    A clock with pictures.

  22. Anonymous says :

    Can you add settings to stretch / fill images to fill the available space?

  23. Anonymous says :


  24. Anonymous says :

    >mediafire violation

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