Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas/Christmas eve!

Here it is, its really not much but I hope you have fun with it for a bit at least.



Preferably,  make a new waifu file with holiday themed pictures.

You can still use your old one(s) though.

**** Great news ****

Looks like I’ll be refactoring most of the codes soon they’re becoming a pain to work with.

Sooo that means source code may be available earlier than 0.5 after all since most of the features I had in mind are in v0.2.
Sorry this wasn’t much, I’ll make a post about 0.2 soon.
Now if you’ll excuse me, back to being alone ;_;


Sup guys!
Hope you’re doing well and thanks for those who are are still following this project. (are there even any left?)
I have some good news and some bad news.

Bad news:

By the looks of it, v0.2 won’t be finished for a while yet, I don’t have as much time to debug and everything.

Good news

I’ll be releasing something special  for Christmas!
v0.2 will be ready by end January at latest.
Hope you can still wait it out a bit more.

Happy holidays!



Its still going to be a while,  I haven’t had much time for this project lately.





I was hoping to be done by this month but it looks like that won’t be possible.
There’s a fair amount of features I’m adding so its taking time.

Fortunately this project is still alive so no worries on that end at least!



v0.2 will have YouTube

V0.2 will have a YouTube video player , including searching features and stuff.

Because why the fuck not ! (screenshots of actual use)


Updates and pictures

Just a small update, its been a while since my last post .

V0.2 is still in the works, although pretty slow this time because lolreallife.
Don’t know when it will be released yet, but hopefully sometime this month.

More importantly have some pictures (transparent window!)

v0.13 Released – Custom messages and more

Downloads (Windows, OSX, Linux)

What’s new:

  • Custom messages (optional) – if you don’t use them, it will use the ones I wrote
  • Image stretching options – Maintain aspect ratio, center the images to the window, and stretch it to fill the window
  • Automatically change pictures (optional) – change pictures after a certain time, and play a sound if checked
  • No more message spam
  • Window size can now be 200×200 (minimum)

Custom messages tutorial

Custom Messages tutorial


When the event occurs, it displays a random message from the ones you wrote.


  • Greet – when you load the file
  • Click – every time you click
  • Idle – when you stop interacting for 10 seconds
  • Sleeping – when you click and she/he is sleeping
  • GoodMorning – when he/she wakes up
  • GoodNight – when he/she goes to sleep


  • [NAME] – writing this in a message will replace it with the name you choose in your .wfu file
  • [WAIFU NAME] – writing this in a message will replace it with the waifu/husbando name you choose in your .wfu file
Example:    Hi [NAME], my name is [WAIFU NAME].

How to add messages

Open your XML file in a text editor (like Notepad) and add this inside one of the event tags.

<Message>your message here</Message>

How to use the XML

Open the editor, check the “custom messages” box and browse for the file.